IntRo & Intentions


It is in my opinion that the answer to ‘how did I end up here’ can be answered through an introspective look at age six. For me, I was a shy girl growing up in Lancaster, PA, attending a strict Catholic school, surrounded by an otherness that only an old building can bring.  Narrow corridors and secret rooms; haunting statues depicting stories of gruesome deaths and harrowing lives.

It was also in this year that I saw the Wizard of Oz and the Exorcist for the first time.

Today I live and work in South Philadelphia, still searching for the Emerald City.


I choose to work within the realms of the figure for its boundless opportunities to tell a story and reveal the depths of human nature. It is within their wrinkles and beyond their gaze, through a slight slump in frame and tilt of the head that questions are posed and revelations are made. These creations have become a vessel for my subconscious to worm through.  They are seemingly malevolent little darlings, but they are exquisite creatures, embodying what is within us all: the light and the dark.  As they stare at the viewer, they exhibit a great sense of bold strength and a pureness behind their eyes, as they seem to question what is in front of them and look beyond.